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67% of new power added in 2019 was solar and wind

67% of new power capacity added globally in 2019 was contributed by solar and wind. A new report by the research consultancy BloombergNEF (BNEF) has found, which suggests solar made up for 45% of capacity added with one-third of all countries making it their top choice. PV topped all other technologies in new-build terms, with…
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UK solar project to get GE battery storage

UK solar project to get GE battery storage:  A solar power plant in the UK has chosen GE Renewable Energy to provide and integrate a 25MW battery storage system. Using GE’s Reservoir Energy Storage technology at the Chelveston Renewable Energy Park, Wykes will add 60MW of solar capacity for a total of 120MW of solar…
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Storm Ellen sets new wind generation record

Storm Ellen sets new wind generation record: Storm Ellen, characterised by very strong winds and heavy rains to parts of the UK, has generated a new record for helping bring the ‘highest-ever’ share of power from wind farms onto the grid. On Saturday 22nd August at 1am, wind energy made up 59.1% of Britain’s electricity…
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Manchester to get ‘world’s largest liquid air battery’

Manchester to get ‘world’s largest liquid air battery’: A new electricity storage facility, has been backed by £10 million of government investment, which claims will become the ‘world’s largest liquid air battery’, The ‘first commercial liquid air battery facility in the world’ is expected to power as many as 200,000 homes for five hours every…
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World’s largest offshore wind project gets go ahead

World’s largest offshore wind project gets go ahead: More than two million homes in the Netherlands could see their electricity needs covered by the renewable energy produced by what claims to be the ‘world’s largest wind project’. The green light has been given to Vattenfall for the plant’s final investment decision, which means construction will…
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Off-grid Scottish homes heated by surplus wind energy

Off-grid Scottish homes: Scottish households could now be powered by surplus wind energy. The ‘4D Heat’ project by National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) and the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is exploring the use of wind energy to generate electric heat in areas not connected to the gas grid. The project aims to…
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