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The Summary of Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget

The Summary of Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget: In Leeds a new infrastructure bank will drive at least £40 billion of green investment. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget is set for a series of sustainable plans,  in which he established how the Conservative Party will work to drive a sustainable and business-focused recover…
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Beavers to be set loose for flood protection

Beavers to be set loose for flood protection: A record amount of beavers is scheduled to be released later this year to lower  the risk of flooding & restore wetlands all over the UK. Research carried out by Devon Wildlife Trust proves the beavers are effective to engineering channels, dams & wetlands that hold back…
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Apple & Amazon face MPs backlash for UK e-waste surge

Apple & Amazon face MPs backlash for UK e-waste surge: Tech giants Apple and Amazon are amongst the companies implicated by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) of having a part in the ‘electronic waste tsunami’ in the UK as well as dodging their environmental responsibilities. The body’s summary reports that the firms are contributing to…
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US industrial giants to cut plastic in new pact

US industrial giants to cut plastic in new pact: A circular economy for plastic has received a boost after organisations in the US, including Colgate-Palmolive Company, L’Oreal USA, Mars and The Coca-Cola Company, signed up to a new Plastics Pact as part of their efforts towards reducing plastic waste . The collaborative has been launched as…
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Coconut oil could be worse than Palm Oil for environment

Coconut oil could threaten more species than palm oil. Despite the issue of tropical forests being cut down for palm oil production being more widely known, a Borneo Futures and University of Exeter new report suggests coconut oil threatens more species per ton produced than palm or other vegetable oils. The production of coconut oil…
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Green jobs and nature recovery get £40m

£40 million of governmental funding has been allocated for nature recovery, green jobs and conservation. The fund will help find natural solutions to tackle climate change, conservation organisations and their suppliers create up to 3,000 jobs and safeguard up to 2,000 others in areas such as protecting species. The scheme, aims to create short and…
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Polluted air data collected by Dyson backpacks

Polluted air data collected by Dyson backpacks: Exposure to pollution levels during and after the lockdown will soon be monitored by people in 14 cities who will soon be able to wear ‘smart’ backpacks able to ‘breathe’ the air in the streets. British technology giant Dyson is taking part in a global initiative, which has…
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‘Net zero progress is not just a number’

‘Net zero progress is not just a number’: The sector for energy storage has strengthened its presence over the past year. That’s the suggestion from Alastair Martin, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Flexitricity who spoke about the progressive growth of renewables and how the net zero target can change the way people act. He said…
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‘US renewable energy consumption tops coal’

‘US renewable energy consumption tops coal’: US annual energy consumption from renewable sources in 2019, exceeded consumption of coal for the first time since before 1885, according to the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Monthly Energy Review. Coal consumption compared with 2018, has decreased by nearly 15% and total renewable energy consumption has grown by 1%.…
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