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Highland communities get SSEN £1.2m investment

Highland communities get SSEN £1.2m investment: Electricity networks in the Highland region and a new substation have received a £1.2 million upgrade investment by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN). The six-month-long programme of works will benefit approximately 600 properties in the area through the complete replacement of the existing outdoor substation at Achintee. SSEN…
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Households find bills increase since lockdown

Households find bills increase since lockdown: Globally almost 39% of people say their utility bills, including water, heating, air conditioning, electricity, phone, internet and TV services, have gone up since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The latest global Ipsos survey shows as just one of its findings, it says a majority of people in 26 countries…
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Coal generated 0.19% of electricity in April, May and June

Coal generated 0.19% of electricity in April, May and June: April, May and June saw Britain cover its electricity needs across with as little as 0.19% coal generation in the mix. It has been reported that during this period there was also the longest run without coal for the UK since 1882. GB Grid: Last…
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thyssenkrupp and E.ON to pool hydrogen

thyssenkrupp and E.ON to pool hydrogen: German industrial engineering and steel production conglomerate thyssenkrupp and Energy supplier E.ON are pooling the 600MW collective output of 150 electrolysis plants in Germany and the UK which will make hydrogen available to the wholesale power market. E.ON’s virtual power plant can link the plants to the electricity market…
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Lockdown slows electricity switching rates

Lockdown slows electricity switching rates: There was less activity by consumers switching electricity suppliers during the lockdown. That’s according to the latest figures from Energy UK, which suggest more than 410,000 customers switched supplier in May, down by 15% compared to this month last year. The report also shows in the first five months of…
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