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Electric air taxi soon to carry passengers

Electric air taxi soon to carry passengers: Quick and sustainable connections between UK cities will soon be possible by an all-electric jet taxi, including a 30 minute-journey from Brighton to London. Bristol-based company Vertical Aerospace are claiming, which it says could travel with zero emissions from Canary Wharf to Heathrow Airport in under 20 minutes…
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Green recovery gets £350m supercharge

Green recovery gets £350m supercharge: The drive to decarbonisation of heavy industry, construction, space and transport sectors has received new funding worth around £350 million. The Prime Minister has announced a new multimillion-pound investment package to support efforts to tackle climate change and accelerate economic recovery after coronavirus pandemic. The package includes £139m to cut…
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Industry responds to Summer Statement

Industry responds to Summer Statement:  A £3 billion green jobs plan to save money, cut carbon and boost employment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has been announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. In his much-awaited UK recovery plan Summer Statement, the Chancellor outlined how he planned to tackle “profound economic challenges” with a “historic…
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