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Effortless Energy customers moved to Octopus Energy

Effortless Energy customers moved to Octopus Energy: After the gas and power supplier Effortless Energy ceased trading earlier last week, Octopus Energy has been appointed to take on the customers. Around 2,500 domestic customers and a small number of non-domestic customers regulator Ofgem says, have been moved to Octopus Energy, which says it is offering…
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Over 200K homes set to drop into fuel poverty

Over 200K homes set to drop into fuel poverty: As the economy tumbles amid the coronavirus pandemic and lock down over 200,000 households are set to fall into fuel poverty. The End Fuel Poverty Coalition makes the suggestion, which warns during colder weather, a second wave of the virus arriving could be “catastrophic for individuals…
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Pre-payment energy bills nearly £390m overpaid

Pre-payment energy bills nearly £390m overpaid: Energy customers using pre-payment are overpaying energy bills by nearly £390 million a year. finds in new research recently published, which reveals that of the 4.1 million pre-payment customers, each are paying on average £94 more a year for their energy than they would pay on a standard…
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