2019-20 greenest ever winter for GB

2019-20 greenest ever winter for GB: Great Britain had the greenest ever winter last winter. The National Grid‘s annual report has come to the conclusion, which highlights the record for electricity generation last winter had the lowest carbon intensity. The annual report, also shows wind generation continued to grow its generation share, increasing from 18%…
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Price cap declines but is expected to fall further still

Price cap declines but is expected to fall further still: Commenting on today’s Ofgem announcement that the default price cap would decrease by £17 to £1,162 for the six months effective from 1 April 2020, Robert Buckley Head of Retail and Relationship Development at Cornwall Insight, said: “Due to the mild winter the UK has…
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Energy suppliers adopt winter weighting to reduce debit balances

Energy suppliers adopt winter weighting: Over the last few years, Cornwall Insight has recorded an increase in the number of energy suppliers implementing a winter weighting to their direct debit payments. This is when they charge customers more for energy over the winter months and less in the summer months to help suppliers manage their…
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