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Walney offshore wind farm SSE stake sold for £350m

Walney offshore wind farm SSE stake sold for £350m: In a deal worth £350 million for the Walney Offshore Wind Farm, SSE has agreed to sell its non-operating stake. Greencoat UK Wind Plc (UKW) is purchasing the 25.1% interest, equating to a capacity of 92MW, following the sale SSE’s renewable generation capacity will be reduced…
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Triton Knoll wind farm due to generate power by 2021

The Triton Knoll wind farm is on track to start generating power for the UK by 2021. The facility has successfully installed one out of the two OSPs that will transmit low carbon energy to the shore – the Offshore Substation Platform (OSP) East. 50-kilometre-long subsea export cables will transport the low carbon electricity to…
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First customer owned UK wind farm launched

First customer owned UK wind farm launched: Around 2,000 Brits could soon see their electricity bills reduced as their homes get powered by renewable energy produced by a wind farm they own. Ripple Energy a UK start-up  has launched what it claims to be ‘the UK’s first consumer-owned wind facility’ and has joined forces with…
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World’s largest offshore wind project gets go ahead

World’s largest offshore wind project gets go ahead: More than two million homes in the Netherlands could see their electricity needs covered by the renewable energy produced by what claims to be the ‘world’s largest wind project’. The green light has been given to Vattenfall for the plant’s final investment decision, which means construction will…
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COVID-19 impacts on low-carbon investments

COVID-19 impacts on low-carbon investments: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many sectors across the UK, and investment in low-carbon infrastructure has paused in many markets. Daniel Atzori, Research Partner at Cornwall Insight, comments on the likely impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in low-carbon infrastructure finance and investor confidence.   “Despite the decrease in electricity prices…
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