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Ireland discuss new support for microgeneration tech

Consumers would be able to generate their own renewable electricity – for example from solar panels on their roofs – and receive a ‘fair price’ when they sell the excess to the grid

The post Ireland consults on new support scheme for microgeneration technologies appeared first on Energy Live News.

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Cook Island to get battery storage for microgrid

A contract to supply three 40-foot battery storage technologies for a microgrid on Cook Island has been won by Rolls-Royce. Energy solutions provider Vector Powersmart will integrate the MTU EnergyPacks into an existing power plant run by local utility Te Aponga Uira on the Pacific island of Rarotonga. With a storage capacity of 4,268kWh and…
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Tinted solar panels could boost crop yields and incomes

Tinted solar panels could boost crop yields and incomes: Could tinted and semi-transparent solar panels  when used result in leafier and more nutritious plants and boost the income of farms through electricity generation? University of Cambridge researchers say the use of such solar panels to generate electricity and produce “nutritionally-superior” crops simultaneously, which they believe…
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Brighton homes to get solar panels

Brighton homes to get solar panels: Hundreds of Brighton owned council homes could switch to solar power in a bid to improve area’s air quality and have their fuel bills cut. The upgrade to 500 households could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 300 tonnes every year and help residents cut energy bills by up to…
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Lambeth roof area could save 100 tonnes of CO2

The 187 football pitches sized roof area in Lambeth remains unutilised for solar energy installations, which if developed could save 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. That’s according to a new analysis by Energeo a specialist provider of data , which identified 40,000 sites and assessed almost 100,000 buildings suitable for solar photovoltaic (PV)…
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