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Renewable Obligation Mutualisation-Cornwall Insight

Cornwall Insight Explainer: Renewable Obligation Mutualisation: Ofgem confirmed on 7 November that mutualisation for the Renewables Obligation (RO) had been triggered for 2018-19 – Compliance Period (CP) 17 – the second consecutive year this has happened. The initial shortfall in buy-out payments was £206.0mn, more than double last year’s level, against a total amount owed…
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Cornwall Insight responds to Ofgem’s announcement on Toto Energy exiting the market

Toto Energy exiting the market: Commenting on Ofgem’s announcement that Toto Energy has ceased to trade Robert Buckley Head of Retail and Relationship Development at Cornwall Insight, said: “Failure of any business affects many people, including its customers, and it is always sad to see one fail. “The Renewables Obligation (RO) deadline is looming, and…
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Cornwall Insight comments on the looming Renewables Obligation mutualisation

Renewables Obligation mutualisation: The end of this month marks the end of the annual Renewables Obligation (RO) compliance period where electricity suppliers that have not already fulfilled their renewables obligation must make payments into the ‘late payment fund’. Last year, the series of supplier exits from the market created a shortfall in payments due to…
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