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Saudi oil attacks – Higher energy bills likely

Saudi oil attacks – Confirmation from the Saudi Arabian energy minister that drone attacks had reduced the country’s oil output by around half is set to resonate across the energy markets, raising the prospect of higher energy bills for customers. Early trading today has seen the price of oil increase from $60.22/bbl. to $71.95/bbl. for…
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Renewables Obligation mutualisation predicted to be almost £44mn

To protect the financial integrity of the Renewables Obligation (RO), a mutualisation mechanism kicks-in where sufficient missing payments creates a shortfall in the buy-out fund. Mutualisation recovers these missing payments from the remainder of the supply market. Renewables Obligation (RO), mutualisation was triggered for Compliance Period (CP) 16 (2017-18) after 14 suppliers failed to make…
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