German high-level nuclear waste to be returned

German high-level nuclear waste to be returned: High-level nuclear waste in the form of vitrified residues will be returned from the UK to Germany over the coming years. The waste which had previously been used to produce electricity by utilities in Germany, results from the reprocessing and recycling of spent nuclear fuel at the Sellafield…
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Dounreay nuclear energy site unusable for 313 years

It is estimated that the site of the Dounreay nuclear energy facility in Scotland is not expected to be available for other purposes until 2333. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) suggests in a report, which forecasts the site which covers 148-acres will only become totally safe and ‘dedesignated’ for reuse in 2333. The facility near…
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£30m Sellafield contract won by Cumbrian Firm

£30m Sellafield contract won by Cumbrian Firm: A West Cumbria company has been awarded a contract worth £30 million from Sellafield Ltd to manufacture nuclear waste containers. 50-tonne lead-lined containers will be provided by TSP Engineering designed to enable the transfer of nuclear waste on the Sellafield site, from the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo to…
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