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Electric vehicles set to pass National Grid’s projections

Electric vehicles set to pass National Grid’s Consumer Evolution projections. Data published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) last week saw battery electric vehicles (BEV) record their largest-ever monthly share of new car registrations in August 2019. Further research into these figures by Cornwall Insight shows that at the current pace of…
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A glimpse into the future of wholesale power

Over the Easter holidays, the UK bathed in warm sunshine and as a result, the GB wholesale power market experienced a series of notable events, some that would have once been rare. High levels of embedded solar generation reduced the need for grid-connected energy production, causing the minimum daytime demand to drop below the nighttime…
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UK gas supply mix changed by LNG Imports

The last quarter (Q119) saw a significant change to the UK gas supply mix, as the UK’s gas interconnector imports started to become displaced by a surge in LNG imports. Interconnector imports and LNG send-out have changed from 4.6% and 17.0% of total gas supply in February to 0.1% and 20.6% respectively in March. The…
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