Analysing wind forecasting in the Irish energy market

Analysing wind forecasting in the Irish energy market: It is expected that Ireland will see greater penetration of wind generation in the next 20 years. According to the Tomorrow Energy Scenarios (TES) installed capacity forecast, Ireland will have between 6GW to 8.2GW by 2040. With wind generation growth set to continue, forecasting wind accurately will…
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SEM one year on – analysing market volatility since go-live

SEM one year on: The beginning of October marked the first anniversary of the new Irish and Northern Irish Single Electricity Market (SEM).  Already there is a marked change from its predecessor with the day-ahead electricity market in the SEM seeing significant volatility during its first year. In fact, findings from Cornwall Insight Ireland show…
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Slow and steady wins the CPPA race in Ireland

The irish government as a viable route to help achieve its 2030 renewable energy targets is targeting the Corporate Purchase Power Agreement (CPPA) market in Ireland. The Irish government has set out a goal of 15% of renewable electricity directly contracted to corporates by 2030. The latest insight paper from Cornwall Insight Ireland – The…
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