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Fastest electric jet test completed by Rolls-Royce

Fastest electric jet test completed by Rolls-Royce: The ground-testing stage of a technology has been completed Rolls-Royce has announced, that it says will power the ‘world’s fastest’ all-electric jet. The world record speed for electric planes will be attempted to be broken by the jet early next year. A replica of the jet was used…
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CO2 to animal feed tech gets £3m funding

CO2 to animal feed tech gets £3m funding: £3 million of funding from Innovate UK has been secured by an innovative carbon recycling project which turns industrial emissions into animal feed. Carbon dioxide from Drax Power’s Selby power station will be used by the biotechnology company Deep Branch, the REACT-FIRST project will apply its carbon-to-protein…
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£320K battery project for Portsmouth Port

£320K battery project for Portsmouth Port: £320k of funding has been received by a consortium including Portsmouth International Port to install a mega-battery in a bid to increase the use of renewable energy. The 20-foot container-sized battery will be powerful enough to charge four mid-range electric vehicles (EVs) simultaneously, said the port authority. The mega-…
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