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First hydrogen-powered train starts trials today

First hydrogen-powered train starts trials today: The UK mainline will see the first-ever hydrogen-powered train on its track today. The HydroFLEX train trial today follows development work of almost two years and investment by both Porterbrook and the University of Birmingham of more than £1 million. The Department for Transport (DfT) also supported the project…
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First hydrogen-electric passenger jet takes off

First hydrogen-electric passenger jet takes off: Cranfield Airport – the ‘world’s first’ hydrogen fuel cell-powered flight takes off. The six-seater Piper M-class plane at ZeroAvia’s research and development facility at Cranfield Airport, completed a taxi, takeoff, a full pattern circuit and landing. That follows in the same aircraft in June, the ‘UK’s first commercial-scale battery-electric…
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First zero-emission commercial jet designs showcased

Three different designs have been unveiled by Airbus for what it claims will be the ‘world’s first’ zero-emission commercial jet. With a range of up to 2,000 nautical miles, the planes named ZEROe, would be powered mainly with liquid hydrogen and could potentially carry up 200 passengers. Representing a different approach to achieving a flight…
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Green Investment Portfolio launched by Scotland

Green Investment Portfolio launched by Scotland: The Green Investment Portfolio has been launched by the Scottish government which will help Scotland transition to a net zero economy by 2045 and promote market-ready projects that are seeking private capital. Projects ranging from hydrogen development and plastic recycling, a total of 10 projects with £1.16 billion of…
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‘UK’s first’ plastic-to-hydrogen project goes ahead

‘UK’s first’ plastic-to-hydrogen project goes ahead: What claims to be the ‘UK’s first plastic-to-hydrogen facility will soon be calling Cheshire its home. The developer Peel L&P Environmental has launched the engineering design phase to start work to create hydrogen from plastic waste, which could be used to fuel cars, buses and heavy good vehicles (HGVs).…
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£5m for hydrogen fuel cell tech goes to Bramble Energy

£5m for hydrogen fuel cell tech goes to Bramble Energy: Bramble Energy the hydrogen fuel cell company has arranged an investment of £5 million to accelerate the development of the technology. BGF (Business Growth Fund) led the investment round and included other investors including Parkwalk Advisors, IP Group and UCL Technology Fund. Hydrogen fuel cells…
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£10m hydrogen home heating project launched

£10m hydrogen home heating project launched: A £10 million National Grid trial project has been launched to test if hydrogen can heat homes in the UK and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from industry. A hydrogen test facility at Spadeadam in Cumbria is planned to be built– to be delivered by the risk management and energy…
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Asda gets hydrogen fuel cell tech from Plug Power

Asda gets hydrogen fuel cell tech from Plug Power: Hydrogen fuel cell solutions provided by Plug Power is coming to Asda to power their lift truck fleet within its supply chain network. Starting at its UK facility in Skelmersdale, it includes a purchase order agreement for the solution, which includes fuel cells, hydrogen fuelling equipment,…
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thyssenkrupp and E.ON to pool hydrogen

thyssenkrupp and E.ON to pool hydrogen: German industrial engineering and steel production conglomerate thyssenkrupp and Energy supplier E.ON are pooling the 600MW collective output of 150 electrolysis plants in Germany and the UK which will make hydrogen available to the wholesale power market. E.ON’s virtual power plant can link the plants to the electricity market…
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CCC says end gas boilers within 15 years

CCC says end gas boilers within 15 years: Fossil-fuelled boilers could soon see a total phase-out by 2035 for UK households. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published its latest progress report on efforts to cut emissions as we strive for net zero and this is its headline recommendation. Heat All new build homes…
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