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Wood pellets burned linked to forest degradation

Wood pellets burned linked to forest degradation : Wood pellet use by Drax Plc in Yorkshire, together with bioenergy demand from other countries in Europe, is driving intensive clearcutting in protected forests in Estonia and Latvia, a new report reveals. Hidden inside a wood pellet: intensive logging impacts in Estonian and Latvian forests,[1] published by…
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UK records nearly 1 million fly-tipping occurances last year

The area with the most reported fly-tipping incidents was Leeds, with 32,411 incidents dealt within the last year, according to a new report

The post UK records almost a million fly-tipping incidents in last year appeared first on Energy Live News.

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Ealing Studios chooses Good Energy to go green

Blockbusting emissions: Ealing Studios chooses Good Energy to turn the red carpet green World’s oldest film studio driving the industry’s environmental ambitions  One of Britain’s most iconic film studios, Ealing Studios, is deepening its commitment to going green by partnering with Good Energy’s One Point service, which streamlines electric vehicle (EV) charging for businesses, to install three fast…
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