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Ofgem’s RIIO-2 draft determinations ‘unacceptable’

Ofgem’s RIIO-2 draft determinations ‘unacceptable’: A significant number of Ofgem’s RIIO-2 draft determinations and the overall package are ‘unacceptable’ says the National Grid, as they could impact the long-term resilience of the energy networks and delay investment for the net zero transition. The energy network company notes its business plans committed to almost £10 billion…
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£10m hydrogen home heating project launched

£10m hydrogen home heating project launched: A £10 million National Grid trial project has been launched to test if hydrogen can heat homes in the UK and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from industry. A hydrogen test facility at Spadeadam in Cumbria is planned to be built– to be delivered by the risk management and energy…
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More British Gas X details revealed

British Gas X the new ‘challenger brand’ has more details revealed by British Gas There will be two business units; one focused on delivering premium energy and services and solutions, to UK homes and small businesses and the other focused on delivering low-cost, digital energy only offerings. Matthew Bateman will be the MD of the…
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‘Net zero progress is not just a number’

‘Net zero progress is not just a number’: The sector for energy storage has strengthened its presence over the past year. That’s the suggestion from Alastair Martin, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Flexitricity who spoke about the progressive growth of renewables and how the net zero target can change the way people act. He said…
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Biomass takes record 14% share of UK power mix

Biomass energy has reached a new record 14% share of the UK power mix. A Drax Electric Insights report found that in the early hours of 26th May, biomass supplied 13.79% of Britain’s electricity. The previous record of 13% was set earlier this year. Drax suggests biomass has generated more power than solar energy this…
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