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£302 could be saved by households switching from SVT

£302 could be saved by households switching from SVT: Households in the UK could save on average £302 every year if they switch from the default or standard variable tariff (SVT). A price comparison website has said in a new report, which suggests that the cheapest available tariffs for an average price on the market…
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Energy switching activity spiked in June

Energy switching activity spiked in June: For the first time since lockdown June saw a spike in the number of customers who switched energy suppliers. That’s according Energy UK in their the latest reported figures, which suggests a 1% increase from June 2019, some 450,000 consumers switched energy provider in June this year. Around three…
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£8.9bn wasted by not switching energy provider

£8.9bn wasted by not switching energy provider: Homeowners in Britain are throwing away almost £8.9 billion on bills every year by not switching energy provider. Home setup service Just Move In has researched, which suggests on average each household could save £350 a year by changing energy supplier. The research also show just 5.2% of…
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More British Gas X details revealed

British Gas X the new ‘challenger brand’ has more details revealed by British Gas There will be two business units; one focused on delivering premium energy and services and solutions, to UK homes and small businesses and the other focused on delivering low-cost, digital energy only offerings. Matthew Bateman will be the MD of the…
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Lockdown slows electricity switching rates

Lockdown slows electricity switching rates: There was less activity by consumers switching electricity suppliers during the lockdown. That’s according to the latest figures from Energy UK, which suggest more than 410,000 customers switched supplier in May, down by 15% compared to this month last year. The report also shows in the first five months of…
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