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One in four customers leave a small or medium energy supplier every year

One in four customers leave a small or medium energy supplier every year   Customers are now actively encouraged to switch to get the best deal possible deal, because of this suppliers are now experiencing less loyalty and more customers shopping around. Latest research from Cornwall Insight’s most recent domestic market share data illustrates a…
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Pixie Energy’s analysis of UKPN’s Optimise Prime

In March, Hitachi confirmed that 2019 would see London and the South East play host to Optimise Prime – a UK Power Networks (UKPN) project. The project aims to understand the charging patterns of commercial (fleet) electric vehicles (EVs) and their impact on networks. The Optimise Prime project seeks to answer how the network impact…
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Switching programme should not lose sight of reliability

Switching programme: Faster and more reliable switching has been on Ofgem’s agenda for some time. It is intended to potentially encourage customers to change supplier in bigger numbers. Ofgem are progressing a programme of reforms to progress reliable next day switching for domestic consumers by summer 2021. However, while much of the attention has been…
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Negative imbalance price phenomenon predicted to rise

On Sunday (24th March), imbalance prices turned negative for 13 consecutive settlement periods, as low electricity demand and high levels of wind output led the System Operator to reduce generation output from a variety of wind, combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) and biomass power stations. Negative pricing in the Balancing Mechanism (BM) is not a…
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Standard variable tariffs and fixed – gap expected to rise

The latest analysis from Cornwall Insight shows, that when the price cap rises to £1,254/year on the 1 April, the difference between the price cap and the cheapest standard variable tariffs will increase significantly. In addition, as all the larger suppliers have announced standard variable tariffs (SVT) rises in line with the increased cap from…
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UK Capacity Market Halted – News Flash 15th Nov 18

UK Capacity Market Halted: The following message is being sent to all capacity agreement holders and capacity market applicants:- Today the General Court of the Court of Justice of the European Union found in favour of Tempus Energy, against the European Commission, annulling the Commission’s decision not to raise objections to the aid scheme establishing…
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