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The electric vehicle industry latest developments

The electric vehicle industry: The UK are working hard to provide more charging points across the country, whilst manufacturers work to improve battery life and mileage range. Nissan have recently launched their new Nissan Leaf with longer range and a one pedal driving system. The new Leaf is said to be able to travel around…
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Electric cars: What can we expect for the future?

What can we expect for the future of electric cars? The concept of electric cars may have been around for over 100 years, but what can be specifically expect from our electric automobiles in the coming years? It’s easy to see that 2018 has been a year of so many technological advances, but what can…
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What direction is the UK vehicle fuel heading?

What direction is the UK heading? Lookers plc, who provide a variety of car servicing plans, explore what the future of vehicle fuel looks like for the UK. The UK government are currently trying to encourage Brits to start their transition to electric and hybrid vehicles, but what does this mean for traditional fuel sources?…
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