Electricity was cheaper and cleaner during lockdown

Electricity was cheaper and cleaner during lockdown: During the coronavirus lockdown the UK’s electricity system was cheaper and cleaner but harder to control. A new independent analysis has found that was conducted for Drax Electric Insights via Imperial Consultants by academics from Imperial College London. Lowered demand was caused by businesses closing and people working…
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Hydroelectric power station in hollow Scottish mountain

A pumped-storage hydroelectric power station in a Scottish hollow mountain has started providing support services, making the British grid greener. Drax Group and the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) in a new partnership came together and produced the outcome, which is expected to save consumers up to £128 million over six years. Cruachan Power…
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Biomass takes record 14% share of UK power mix

Biomass energy has reached a new record 14% share of the UK power mix. A Drax Electric Insights report found that in the early hours of 26th May, biomass supplied 13.79% of Britain’s electricity. The previous record of 13% was set earlier this year. Drax suggests biomass has generated more power than solar energy this…
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