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Smart homes may halve carbon emissions and bills

Smart homes may halve carbon emissions and bills: Smart homes could help deliver energy bill savings, carbon reductions and improved system resilience across the UK. New research from scientists at Loughborough University in partnership with the Solar Trade Association and Advance Further Energy concludes, which says the mass adoption in the home of battery storage,…
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23% of the cheapest suppliers have exited the market

23% of the cheapest suppliers have exited: Latest research from Cornwall Insight’s Domestic Tariff Report highlights that since 2017, just under a quarter (23%) of suppliers with the cheapest tariff have left the market either through Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process or by being acquired by another supplier. Between the years 2015 to…
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Suppliers use energy market turbulence for market share

Suppliers use energy market turbulence: Analysis from Cornwall Insight shows that despite the household energy supplier market experiencing a turbulent time over the past 12 months, several companies have used this to their advantage to increase their market share. In fact, figures from Cornwall Insight’s Domestic Market Share Survey show that the recent spate of…
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Face-to-face energy sales on the rise

Face-to-face energy sales on the rise: Since new regulations to control direct energy sales were implemented by Ofgem in 2009, switches made in a direct manner – either face-to-face or telesales – began to decline as many suppliers ceased using the direct sales channel. However, the latest research from Cornwall Insight’s Domestic Energy Sales Channels…
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Collecting Capacity Market payments could prove tricky

Collecting Capacity Market payments: On 24 October, the European Commission (EC) announced its decision to approve the GB Capacity Market (CM). The standstill payments of ~£1bn are due to be issued on 14 November with a payment deadline of 21 November. However, the process of collecting and distributing deferred capacity payments could prove tricky. Lee…
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