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South Tyneside new use for abandoned flood mines

South Tyneside new use for abandoned flood mines. A new heating scheme in Holborn, South Tyneside, will the district gathering heat from its abandoned flooded mines and the River Tyne has been granted planning permission. A new project which will cost an approximated £23 million will use a variety of technologies in the bid to…
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Vattenfall considers trading Magnum gas power plant

Vattenfall considers trading Magnum gas power plant: Vattenfall reported it is thinking of selling its Magnum gas-fired power plant located in the Netherlands as it zeros in on its regional heating business. The firm said the sale profits may be used for investments in renewable energy production for instance offshore wind projects. The Magnum power…
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Zero Carbon Heating Taskforce launched

Zero Carbon Heating Taskforce launched: A new taskforce has been launched by the Green Finance Institute to help unlock the investment needed for the rapid adoption of zero carbon heating technologies in the UK. Consisting of a focused group of members The Zero Carbon Heating Taskforce are from the Green Finance Institute’s Coalition for the…
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Cardiff waste-to-energy plant to warm homes

Cardiff waste-to-energy plant to warm homes: A waste-to-energy facility will soon be heating households in Cardiff. An energy recovery facility to businesses and homes in Cardiff, has secured £15 million to begin the first phase of works for a new £26.5 million district heating network, which will use underground pipes to transport heat. The new…
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Cambridgeshire renewable district heating gets £2m

£2 million of funding has been won by a Cambridgeshire renewable district heating project. The funding is for the Heating Swaffham Prior project, which was awarded the grant by BEIS and is designed to provide sustainable heating to homes in East Cambridgeshire. A village will get a ground source heat pump which will supply it…
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