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Customers face rising energy bills due to subsidy costs

Customers face rising energy bills due to increase in subsidy scheme costs: The COVID-19 lockdown and the resulting reduction in energy demand have seen the costs of supporting renewable subsidies increase both in terms of £/MWh and overall expected spend for 2020-21.   Research from Cornwall Insight’s ‘Third-Party Charges forecast’ highlights that as a result…
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Households find bills increase since lockdown

Households find bills increase since lockdown: Globally almost 39% of people say their utility bills, including water, heating, air conditioning, electricity, phone, internet and TV services, have gone up since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The latest global Ipsos survey shows as just one of its findings, it says a majority of people in 26 countries…
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Non-domestic RHI scheme extended

Non-domestic RHI scheme extended: A 14-month extension has been announced by the UK Government for non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme applicants to complete projects delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The move is aimed at companies to help them avoid missing the start-dates for their projects, protect investment in the renewable heat industry and provide…
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Continue remote working to reduce air pollution

Continue remote working to reduce air pollution: Remote working practices must continue to help keep air pollution down. That’s according to a new survey by the Business Clean Air Taskforce (BCAT), which includes organisations Uber, Ricardo, Philips and ENGIE – the group surveyed 2,000 UK respondents and found continued remote working is also both achievable and…
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Over 27,000 green jobs lost during May

Over 27,000 green jobs lost during May: The global clean energy industry has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic with more than 27,000 people losing their jobs during May. That’s according to BW Research for E2, E4TheFuture and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) unemployment data, which suggests since the beginning of the…
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EVs could reach 10 million by the end of 2020

EVs could reach 10 million by the end of 2020: 10 million electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to be on the world’s roads by the end of this year. This is according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in a recent study, which despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic notes a growth in EV sales .…
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Recovering drinking water supplies after inactivity

Recovering drinking water supplies after inactivity Advisory -Recovering drinking water supplies in buildings and networks after prolonged inactivity Background: The restrictions placed on business and people by UK governments as a measure to restrict the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in mid-March 2020 left many premises either closed or with reduced staff. The pace of change meant…
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Lockdown slows electricity switching rates

Lockdown slows electricity switching rates: There was less activity by consumers switching electricity suppliers during the lockdown. That’s according to the latest figures from Energy UK, which suggest more than 410,000 customers switched supplier in May, down by 15% compared to this month last year. The report also shows in the first five months of…
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Government should establish green pension ‘superfunds’

Government should establish green pension ‘superfunds’: The government should help invest in the UK’s green recovery by establishing pension ‘superfunds’. Think tank Social Market Foundation (SMF) suggests ministers should be more willing to spend public money upfront to support ‘pathfinder’ infrastructure projects and take more risks in supporting clean energy markets in their infancy. Noting…
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Dangerous used PPE in majority of UK waste bins

The majority of waste bins contain dangerous used PPE and ‘could put lives at risk’ across the UK. Up to 80% of domestic and business bins contain possibly hazardous COVID-19-contaminated rubbish suggests BusinessWaste the clinical waste collection company. More than 1,560 businesses and households were contacted by the company who found four out of five…
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