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Feed-in Tariff costs set to rise to an all-time high

Feed-in Tariff costs set to rise to an all-time high: Research from Cornwall Insight shows that Feed-in Tariff (FiT) costs for the upcoming quarterly levelisation* could reach an all-time high, covering the period April – June 2020.   The combination of extremes in sunshine hours and low energy demand resulting from the COVID-19 lockdown has…
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Campaigners warn consultation loophole could lead to deforestation

Campaigners warn about consultation loophole: London, 29th May 2020 – Today, hundreds of environmental campaigners are calling on the UK Government to take urgent climate action by ensuring that future renewable subsidies are not used to fund burning trees in UK power stations. Over 770 individuals [1] as well as 20 environmental campaign organisations [2]…
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Over 10GW of renewables projects in the next CfD round

Over 10GW of renewables projects could be competing in the next CfD round: The government announced the reinstatement of ‘Pot 1’ technologies – which includes onshore wind and solar PV – in the next Contracts for Difference (CfD) Allocation Round 4 (AR4) in 2021. Research from Cornwall Insight’s Renewable Pipeline tracker highlights how competitive the…
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Renewables pipeline swells to over 24.5GW

Renewables pipeline swells to over 24.5GW: Latest figures from the Renewable Energy Planning Database revealed that the total capacity of renewable energy and storage projects across England, Scotland and Wales classed as ‘awaiting construction’ or ‘under construction’ stands at 24.7GW of the total pipeline capacity. The majority of this is classed as ‘awaiting construction’. Further…
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Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 3 results

Cornwall Insight comments on the Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 3 results   Responding to the Contracts for Difference (CfD) Allocation Round 3 results, James Brabben, Wholesale Manager at Cornwall Insight, said: “Record low clearing prices in CfD Allocation Round 3 indicate the continued and rapid cost reductions for offshore wind resulting from competitive auctions.”…
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Negative imbalance price phenomenon predicted to rise

On Sunday (24th March), imbalance prices turned negative for 13 consecutive settlement periods, as low electricity demand and high levels of wind output led the System Operator to reduce generation output from a variety of wind, combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) and biomass power stations. Negative pricing in the Balancing Mechanism (BM) is not a…
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Diagram showing Indicative maximum AR3 pipeline capacity (MW) Offshore wind

Offshore Wind set to dominate the third allocation round of Contracts for Difference

Offshore wind: Qualification for the third allocation round (AR3) of Contracts for Differences (CfDs) low-carbon support scheme is due to commence on 29 May. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced that participants in AR3 would be competing for an annual budget of £60mn, with successful bidders expected to commission in delivery…
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Renewables Obligation mutualisation predicted to be almost £44mn

To protect the financial integrity of the Renewables Obligation (RO), a mutualisation mechanism kicks-in where sufficient missing payments creates a shortfall in the buy-out fund. Mutualisation recovers these missing payments from the remainder of the supply market. Renewables Obligation (RO), mutualisation was triggered for Compliance Period (CP) 16 (2017-18) after 14 suppliers failed to make…
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