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Welsh wave energy projects get £1.4m

£1.4 million of new funding from the Welsh Government is being given to four projects which aim to bring down the cost of wave energy. These technologies will develop quick connection systems to improve the installation efficiency and infrastructure of wave power devices and are being funded by the programme Wave Energy Scotland (WES). Aiming…
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Up to 3m workers plan to continue homeworking

Up to 3m workers plan to continue homeworking: After the end of the coronavirus lockdown, almost three million UK workers are planning to keep working from home to help save the planet and help reduce emissions. That’s the finding in a new survey by the British bank Halifax, which shows that remote working can reduce…
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Campaigners warn consultation loophole could lead to deforestation

Campaigners warn about consultation loophole: London, 29th May 2020 – Today, hundreds of environmental campaigners are calling on the UK Government to take urgent climate action by ensuring that future renewable subsidies are not used to fund burning trees in UK power stations. Over 770 individuals [1] as well as 20 environmental campaign organisations [2]…
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