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Comments on Ofgem’s price cap announcement

Cornwall Insight comments on Ofgem’s price cap announcement: Commenting on Ofgem’s announcement of the default price cap falling by 7% to £1,042 per year for the six months effective from 1 October 2020, Robert Buckley, Head of Relationship Development at Cornwall Insight, said:   “This is a dramatic reduction and sees the price cap fall…
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1,000 electric vans added to British Gas fleet

British Gas engineers will soon be driving around in a more sustainabe way, thanks to the addition of 1,000 new electric vans which are to be added to the company’s fleet. Billed as the ‘largest UK commercial’ battery electric vehicle (BEV) order ever, the energy provider has confirmed the new order from the automotive manufacturer…
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More British Gas X details revealed

British Gas X the new ‘challenger brand’ has more details revealed by British Gas There will be two business units; one focused on delivering premium energy and services and solutions, to UK homes and small businesses and the other focused on delivering low-cost, digital energy only offerings. Matthew Bateman will be the MD of the…
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Digital-only energy brand launch by British Gas

Digital-only energy brand launch by British Gas: A new online-only energy brand has been launched by British Gas. British Gas X is a new service to give customers dual fuel energy from British Gas, the brand will match your energy use by feeding green energy back into the grid and has been created especially for…
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