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In 2019 nearly 17% of all foods avaliable was binned

In 2019 nearly 17% of all foods avaliable was binned:  In 2019 nearly 17% of all foods avaliable to consumers globally was binned. It is estimated that approximately 931 milllion tonnes of food sold to retailers, households, restaurants and other food services was wasted in 19, this is according to the Food Waste Index Report…
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Newly launched ‘toolbox’ for agricultural sector

Newly launched ‘toolbox’ for agricultural sector: A platform named advisory and engineering has enabled farmers to implement their anaerobic digestion (AD) projects under the best possible conditions has been launched. A online AD ‘toolbox’ has been developed by Banques des Territoires, with support of the European Investment Advisory Hub(EIAH) – a partnership between the European…
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Do you trust green even though its good?

Do you trust green even though its good?: Only a third of European consumers have confidence that food items are basically created in a sustainable way. That’s as reported from a study by Europe’s leading food modernised initiative EIT Food, that says about 76% of Europeans feel a moral responsibility to use environmentally-friendly items. The…
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Scotland presents £18m to back sustainable farming

Scotland presents £18m to back sustainable farming: The Scottish Government is supplying funding valued at nearly £18m to farmers & crofters to assist in sustainable farming in Scotland. Letters with grant proposals have been dispatched to over 3,500 qualified farmers and crofters with regard to the purchase of agricultural equipment selected for its efficiency in…
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Tinted solar panels could boost crop yields and incomes

Tinted solar panels could boost crop yields and incomes: Could tinted and semi-transparent solar panels  when used result in leafier and more nutritious plants and boost the income of farms through electricity generation? University of Cambridge researchers say the use of such solar panels to generate electricity and produce “nutritionally-superior” crops simultaneously, which they believe…
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Coconut oil could be worse than Palm Oil for environment

Coconut oil could threaten more species than palm oil. Despite the issue of tropical forests being cut down for palm oil production being more widely known, a Borneo Futures and University of Exeter new report suggests coconut oil threatens more species per ton produced than palm or other vegetable oils. The production of coconut oil…
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