Business Utilities UK finds you cheaper business utilities Business utilities UK finds you cheaper business utilities

Managing your business electricity is a three step process:

Business electricity procurement.
Reducing Consumption.
Claiming all possible grants, loans and capital allowances.

1. Business Electricity Procurement

Business electricity procurement in the UK is all about managing risk. To be able to assess the risk you are prepared to take will determine the type of contract that is best suited to your risk outlook whilst taking into account all probable future factors. For more information click here

2. Reducing Your Business Electricity Consumption

Reducing consumption is achieved by educating staff to use energy effectively and to implement cost effective technologies to both monitor and reduce energy usage or even generate your own business electric. From a practical point of view this is primarily an exercise for users who spend £15,000 or over as the savings rarely justify the outlay on lower spends. For more information click here

3. Claiming Your Grants, Loans And Allowances

Our energy reduction experts will identify any UK government, EU grants or cost neutral loans that are available in your area, towards the cost of reducing your energy and carbon usage.

Once all grants or loans have been claimed and any work carried out, our expert capital allowance accountants will be able to help you claim your enhanced capital allowances for installed energy reduction technologies.

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