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Why accept a Renewal Price, when you can compare electric prices from many suppliers?

Most UK businesses accept the renewal price offered, suppliers know this and take advantage of you by overcharging you on your energy renewal!

Many ‘brokers’ are only getting quotes for you from 2 or 3 suppliers.

With little or no competition, you end up paying a high price for your Gas and Electricity.

You should compare electric prices with us!

The energy market in the UK is becoming Increasingly diversified and with many new players on the market now is the perfect time to search for a better deal on your electricity bills.

British Utilities obtain quotes from a large panel of these suppliers.

Why spend the time and effort going through the complex and confusing task of energy supplier comparisons for yourself when you could be running your business safe in the knowledge it’s being handled by our expert energy industry team?

We can do it for you!

This unique free service ensures that we find the cheapest possible prices on your behalf.

Compare electric prices with us.

Our prices could save you between 15-20% on your contract renewal price!

British Utilities are an Independent Company working on behalf of its Customers to bring them the cheapest prices on the Market today.

So, give us a try…..It will not cost you a penny…..but could save you thousands of pounds!

You should compare electricity prices with us!
Or join our collective buying scheme Water and Energy Together WET and save even more.

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