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Carbon Reduction and Energy Survey Service

Take advantage of our free Energy Survey service for your organisation by getting an energy saving report from one of our experts.

The UK Government target is to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 (compared to 1990 levels). In order to meet these aggressive objectives, company behaviours need to be addressed. The Carbon Reduction Commitment (now known as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) has been introduced to track the CO2 produced by companies over a certain size.

Existing company processes & procedures will be analysed with a view to improve those that currently aren’t sustainable.

Business Electricity UK has introduced a range of services designed to assist Clients in implementing change and thereby reducing both energy bills and carbon emissions. Business Electricity UK’s approach divides the tasks of measuring, managing, modelling and reporting on all energy usage and focuses on individual & corporate attitudes to create a long term and sustainable approach.

Business Electricity UK’s consultants work with a number of key technologies that offer Clients the opportunity to monitor and report on energy usage, define the carbon footprint of the extended organisation and provide an on-going management platform that enables development of a carbon strategy into off-setting and trading mechanisms.

Business Electricity UK know that one size doesn’t fit all so customise their consulting solutions to meet specific Client needs and offer a range of packages that cover all sizes and complexities of companies.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme(closing this year)

The carbon reduction scheme will affect approximately 20,000 of the UKs largest organisations, including supermarket chains, hotel groups and property management companies, Government Departments, food retail chains, financial institutions and Local Authorities.

Essentially, the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will directly affect organisations whose half-hourly metered electricity consumption in 2008 totalled more than 6,000 MWh per year (equivalent to approximately £500,000 annual spend). However, any organisation that has a half-hourly meter will be required to submit an Information Disclosure to the Scheme Administrator. There are numerous exemptions and credits available for organisations already participating in authorised carbon trading schemes.

Organisations must understand their responsibilities within a landlord/tenant arrangement for energy consumption and the submission of information to the Scheme.

As the CRC continues to develop, organisations involved in the Scheme will need to set aside significant resources if they are to maximise their opportunities. Even where the desire is only to obtain legal compliance, businesses will still need to invest time in ensuring that they have identified the entire organisational structure and accounted for a minimum of 90% of all emissions.

Business Electricity UK assists Clients in understanding the requirements of the CRC and their responsibilities under this legislation. Our consultants will work with you in collating the appropriate data from each site and implementing the technology and tools that will enable you to effectively measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions to gain the best possible ranking for your organisation within the scheme. Buying and selling CO2 allowances can be complicated, our team is able to manage the trading process on your behalf.

This could be voltage optimisation, low energy lighting, boiler controls, insulation, and calorific value enhancement. Solar heating etc.

The proposal will give a return on investment within 5 years and usually much less depending on your situation.

it actually costs you nothing to do it!

European Regional Development Funding

In many areas there are also European regional Development Funds (ERDF) available from the European Union towards the cost of energy reduction, these are mostly on a first come first served basis and have a fixed amount of money to grant.

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