UK has wasted about 1.3GWh of wind

The UK has lost above 1.3GWh of wind since the beginning of the energy crisis in September 2021 due to the lack of energy storage capacity.

That’s one of the discoveries of a brand new report by energy storage developer Highview Power which implies as a result of the lack of an efficient battery capacity, the UK spent more money turning off wind farms and using gas as a backup, at a cost of more than £390M since September 2021.

The report predicted the wasted wind energy, was enough to power half of a million households per day.

It implies the lack of long duration energy storage prospects can be an obstacle to the UK’s journey toward reducing assurance on gas and strengthening its energy security.

The authors of the report conclude that this type of battery can cut UK’s gas usage by 10 megatonnes in 2035 and save the grid around £2bn per year.

UK has wasted about 1.3GWh of wind

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