The UK may be reliant on energy imports within 15 years:

Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) published a report that warns that the UK will keep importing more gas and oil from foreign countries in the future unless the decline in investments in the sector reverses.

An industry body warned that production of all UK oil and gas could fall by up to 15% a year unless there is an extremely fast investment in new infrastructure.

The industry body also said the drop in production is a lot faster than the reduction in oil and gas demand prediction and has come to the conclusion that if there is no large noticeable investments by the year 2030, the country will be wholly reliant on foreign countries for an estimated 80% of its gas needs and 70% of its oil.

In 2021 the UK imported 62% of all its gas, with Norway being the largest source for most of the UK’s imports, OEUK’s report shows. It is assumed that Norway’s imports actually provided the UK with more gas than Britain’s continental shelf did in the year.

The study also elucidates the fact that last year there was a deficiency for oil as the UK produced only 82% of its needs and had to import the rest from external sources.

The authors of the aforementioned report also estimate that roughly 25% of the country’s diesel supply came from Russia.

Last week, the UK’s offshore energies trade body suggested that the industry in the UK could support around 40% of the UK’s gas consumption and the equivalent of 66% or more of oil usage over the next couple of years.

The report also urges the government to prioritize and incentivize the recovery and preservation of the country’s oil and gas resources in its anticipated energy security strategy.

The UK may be reliant on energy imports within 15 years

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