Russia gained €93bn from fossil fuel exports

Countries spent almost €93 billion (£79.8bn) on Russian energy imports within the first 100 days since the tragic war in Ukraine began.

A report from the Centre for Research on Energy and Clear Air (CREA) reccomends from 24th February until 3rd June the EU imported nearly 61% of the total amount of energy products exported from Russia.

That was worth almost €57 billion (£48.9bn), according to the investigation.

The total revenue comprises an estimated €46 billion (£39.4bn) for crude oil, €24 billion (£20bn) for pipeline gas, €13 billion (£11.1bn) for oil products, €5.1 billion (£4.3bn) for LNG and €4.8 billion (£4.1bn) for coal.

The CREA also identified that the biggest importers were China spending €12.6 billion (£10.8bn), Germany with €12.1 billion (£10.3bn) worth of imported energy, Italy and the Netherlands with €7.8 billion (£6.6bn).

Last month, Europe settled to embargo 90% of Russian oil imports by the end of the year.

Russia gained €93bn from fossil fuel exports

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