Qualification for climatology gets green light

Northern Irish GCSE and AS-Level pupils will now have the ability to study a new qualification from this September, focusing on climate change and environment.

The Department for Education has given the green light for the ‘Reducing Carbon Footprints Through Environmental Action’ course to go through.

It will be tantamount to a GCSE but will only be based on coursework, not exams.

This follows England announcing a ‘Natural History’ GCSE earlier this year, which also puts its focus on climate change and how to safegaurd the Earth.

Acknowledging carbon’s role in the ongoing climate change, the importance of single-use plastic reduction and the basis of climate campaigns are all key subjects in this new Northern Irish qualification.

Presently, 3 or 4 schools in the country have added it as an option for students – nonetheless, many have previously submitted their GCSE decision for next year and thus miss out on the liklihood to take it.

There are reports that plans are in place to create a similar A-Level if the AS-Level version is a success.

Qualification for climatology gets green light

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