Ofgem urges explination for poor customer service…

Ofgem has delivered the UK Energy Incubator Hub with a provisional order to take measures to ensure its customers receive high-quality services.

More specifically, the company has been told to assure customers can quickly contact them via telephone and email and that complaints are resolved within a short time.

The domestic energy supplier, once known as Euston, has also been urged to establish that customer complaint remedies are supplied without delay.

UK Energy Incubator currently serves around 3,000 customers.

The provisional order also includes a ban on taking on new customers until these issues are resolved, Ofgem has stated.

Two months ago, the energy regulator ordered the company to provide financial and other information related to the company’s activities.

Ofgem Director of Enforcement and Emerging Issues, Cathryn Scott, stated: “Our top priority at Ofgem is to protect consumers and make sure we are holding suppliers of essential services like energy to the highest of standards.

“Where this is not happening, we will not hesitate to act.”

Ofgem urges explination for poor customer service…

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