New project to grow corals on offshore wind turbines

Offshore wind turbines can live with corals happily together!

Ørsted has launched a new project to begin growing corals on offshore wind turbine foundations at the Greater Changhua wind farms off the coast of Taiwan.

That follows scientific trials to grow juvenile corals on underwater steel and concrete structures at a assessment facility.

Scientists had already warned about the danger that corals face as countries embrace a colossal expansion of offshore wind.

It has been guessed that by 2050 nearly 75% of corals will be in a critical state because of human activities and the changing environment.

Coral reefs provide a safeguard to coastal areas by reducing the power of waves hitting the coast – millions of species of wildlife also depend on coral reefs.

Mads Nipper, Group President and Chief Executive Officer of Ørsted, stated: “Governments are preparing a significant expansion of offshore wind energy and I’m confident that if done right, the offshore wind build-out can support and enhance ocean biodiversity.

“If we succeed with ReCoral and the concept proves to be scalable, this Ørsted innovation could create a significant positive impact on ocean biodiversity.”

New project to grow corals on offshore wind turbines

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