Net-Zero event kicks off! (The Big Zero)

The greatest business net zero one-day event, the Big Zero Show has kicked off!

The meeting brings together, 30 content sessions, the Net Zero Heroes and speakers from companies like Tesco, NatWest, Talk Talk, SSE Energy Solutions, Shell Energy, Coventry Building Society and BAM Nuttall. including industry leaders and engages hundreds of delegates in net zero sessions.

“Despite the train strike, despite the doom and gloom – we are going to have the best day. Now more than ever we need net zero to be our priority, founder of future Net Zero Sumit Bose stated.

“Energy prices are at an all time high, the economic squeeze if not recession, is in the air, yet there is something we can do about it. We can move to cleaner energy. We can save more energy. We can consume less and we can travel better.

“With more than 1,500 delegates from across the public and private sector registered for the Big Zero Show, I know there is the appetite for business to change. To offer their customers and users better choices that harm the planet less.

“I hope today we show that in troubled times the brighter future can be created and our delegates take their first steps to that, by learning and networking at our event.”

Net-Zero event kicks off! (The Big Zero)

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