Hinkley Point B shutdown may affect grid

The nuclear power station Hinkley Point B (HPB) in Somerset will withdraw from generating electricity today at 10am.

The shutdown comes among worries over Britain’s winter energy stock as Russia chokes off gas flows to the EU.

It is predicted that the closure of the plant will take away almost a gigawatt of power generation capacity from the UK’s energy network.

The government had been formerly cautioned that nearly 6M households may face possible power cuts due the lack of energy supply as a result of the geopolitical pressure among  Russia & Ukraine.

The life of HPB, one of the UK’s 6 nuclear power stations has previously been prolonged 3 times, in 1996, 2006 & 2016.

It is predicted that the power station has produced 310TWh since 1976 – enough to power 27M homes for 3 years.

The previous month, it was said that Energy Minister Greg Hands did not contact EDF Energy, who administrates the power station to talk about the probability of maintaining the plant’s 2 reactors open ahead of their ongoing closure dates of 8th July & 1st August 2022.

EDF Energy has reportedly sent a memo to staff on 30th May telling them that it will not slow down the shutdown of HPB.

“Hinkley Point B is the most productive clean power asset in British history, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, stated.

“The dedicated staff who have helped keep homes in the South West warm and light for 46 years, deserve our gratitude. As the current energy crisis demonstrates, without nuclear the cost of the electricity we rely on is higher and leaves us reliant on burning imported fossil fuels. That’s why we need new nuclear.”

A government representative stated: “Any extensions to operational dates of nuclear stations is entirely a matter for the operator and the independent regulator based on safety considerations.

“The government has no direct involvement in this process.”

A few days ago, the UK’s nuclear regulator gave planning consent for Sizewell C in Suffolk.

Hinkley Point B shutdown may affect grid

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