Germany to examine Nord Stream gas turbine: The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, intends to stop in at the facility where the Nord Stream 1 gas turbine is stored following maintenance.

The turbine has been the focus of a dispute between Russia and Europe regarding the announced indications of its arrival during Gazprom’s allegations in respect to its return being  prolonged because of the European sanctions.

Siemens Energy said Mr Scholz would come to its facility today in northwestern Germany.

“He will, together with our Chief Executive Officer Christian Bruch, take a look at the turbine serviced in Canada for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which is ready for onward transport to Russian.”

The German Chancellor stated in an interview with Canada’s national news organisation The Globe and Mail: “Russia has only used the gas turbine as an excuse to stop agreed gas exports.

“Thanks to (Canada‘s Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau we were able to uncover Putin’s bluff.”

Germany has been impacted by the lowered gas flows via Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline the reduction caused additional increases in energy prices during fuelling worries in respect to the European energy supplies.

Germany to examine Nord Stream gas turbine

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