EthosEnergy Welcome Piemonte Regional Minister: EthosEnergy hosted the regional Minister for Environment, Energy and Innovation, Matteo Marnati, from Regione Piemonte to its facility in Turin to discuss the important topic of hydrogen.

EthosEnergy Welcome Piemonte Regional Minister

EthosEnergy is a leading global service solution company for the energy, petrochemical, and industrial sectors. Together with Stefano Caon, Sustainable Energy Development Sector and Giovanni Amateis, Head of the University System, Education, Research, and Innovation Sector, Marnati was welcomed to the Turin plant, the centre of excellence for gas turbines for the EthosEnergy group.

The hydrogen supply chain was discussed, and the issues related to utilising this energy vector in gas turbines. The prospect of tightening supplies, higher energy costs, heightened geopolitical risk, and strained transportation networks, advanced supply chain technologies will become mission-critical for many more companies as they are forced to develop new expertise to help mitigate supply chain challenges. This is particularly relevant for the regional integration plan for hydrogen and for local companies, government agencies, and the academic world.

The group were also joined by Davide Damosso, Operations Director for Environment Park, and representatives from the Torino Polytechnic. EthosEnergy presented a pilot project it has been working on in partnership with the Polytechnic to produce green hydrogen and its use for testing and validation of light industrial gas turbines directly in the Torino Facility. EthosEnergy and the Polytechnic are working on several research projects including the study of hydrogen combustion in a gas turbine and the assessment of the life cycle of rotors achieve life extension.

Elisabetta Casto and Francesco Cardile are both graduates of the Polytechnic and now work in the engineering team at EthosEnergy. Along with Engineering VP of EthosEnergy and Hydrogen Europe Co-Chair, Massimo Valsania, Elisabetta and Francesco presented together on their research and developments with hydrogen and gas turbines, highlighting the successful partnership between EthosEnergy and the Polytechnic. Di Gian Marco Ferrante De Benedictis of EthosEnergy also joined them.

“I am honoured to host Regione Piemonte at our Torino facility and demonstrate the leading role we are taking in the energy transition, especially on hydrogen. Days like today allow us to form strong partnerships which I believe is more crucial than ever to collaborate on technology that will allow us to meet ambitious and essential targets. As an industry we need to be committed to making energy sustainable, affordable, and available for everyone, everywhere.” Fabrizio Fabbri, Executive Vice President, EthosEnergy.

EthosEnergy Welcome Piemonte Regional Minister

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