World’s 1st facility to recycle every type of plastic waste: Mura Technology has just revealed plans to construct what is reported to be the world’s first facility, to be built in Teesside, capable of recycling every kind of plastic waste.

The British tech company’s plant, that is forecast to be up and running by 2022, is expected to process 80,000 tonnes of ‘unrecyclable plastic waste’ each year.

Part of the company’s promise is to establish one million tonnes of capacity globally by 2025.  This is reported the be equivalent to almost half of the UK plastic waste produced each year.

The technology uses a recycling operation that reduces all plastics down into the chemicals & oils that they are made from. These will be reused to make new virgin-grade plastic products.

The plant will recycle every form of plastic, with no end to the amount of times the same substance is recycled.

Mura Technology reports the process saves 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of plastic processed, as correlated to incineration.

Chief Executive Officer of Mura Technology, Dr Steve Mahon, announced:We are at the tipping point of an environmental catastrophe. It’s time to seize the initiative and put an end to plastic pollution across the world

“We need to act now and that’s why we’re taking a global-first approach to scale fast and meet the challenge head-on.”

World’s 1st facility to recycle every type of plastic waste

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