Volker Beckers picked or Igloo Energy board

Volker Beckers picked or Igloo Energy board: Volker Beckers was named a non-Executive Chairman to challenger energy supplier Igloo Energy’s board.

The former Npower CEO claims over 25 years of knowledge in senior regions through the energy sector & the position marks his 1st role with an energy supplier up to the time of leaving the business in 2012.

He will give advise on Igloo Energy‘s strategy as the challenger brand plans quick & continuous growth.

He stated: “I am passionate about driving an energy sector which is fit for the future. With technology set to play an integral part in this evolution, Igloo Energy is a natural fit for my skill set and passion.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for both the energy industry and Igloo, full of challenge and promise. We need energy solutions which support people in reducing their carbon footprint whilst protecting their finances and are easy to use. This is exactly where Igloo delivers.”

Volker Beckers picked or Igloo Energy board

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