UK’s leading offshore wind farm is still Hywind Scotland: Hywind Scotland, being the world’s 1st floating offshore wind farm, has attained the “highest average capacity factor” for any UK wind farm for the third year in a row.

Developer Equinor announces the floating offshore wind farm, with an average capacity factor of 57.1% in the 12 months to March 2020, has set a new UK record.

The capacity factor is the ratio of actual energy output accross a specified time period, to the maximum attainable output which a higher capacity factor indicates lower intermittency & higher value.

Throughout its first 2 years of operation, Hywind Scotland attained an average capacity factor of 54%, in contrast to an offshore UK wind average of about 40%.

Head of floating wind development at Equinor, Sebastian Bringsværd, announced, “It’s great to see the results Hywind Scotland and the floating technology keeps delivering. The potential for floating offshore wind is huge. With access to deeper waters and therefore higher and more consistent wind speeds, floating offshore is not only an efficient way to generate electricity from wind, this exciting technology can also provide jobs and value creation for the countries supportive of floating.

“In the UK alone, we are talking at least 17000 jobs and £33bn GVA by 2050. We believe Scotland has the potential to build a globally competitive offshore wind industry, including a real chance to enhance the development of floating offshore wind.”

Equinor is now developing a larger project off the coast of Norway named Hywind Tampen, which is on target to become the world’s largest floating wind farm in addition to the 1st  project to use wind energy to decarbonise offshore oil & gas manfacturing.

UK’s leading offshore wind farm is still Hywind Scotland

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