UK has the highest decarbonisation rate in the world so far

UK has the highest decarbonisation rate in the world so far: The UK has the highest overall decline in greenhouse gas production in the world throughout the course of the 21st century.

That’s according to one of the findings of current research by the accounting firm PwC, that suggests the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 3.7% each year.

The study shows that the country reduced its consumption of coal, natural gas & oil while extending the production of renewable energy, especially wind power.

Still, the study implies the UK will need to carry on investing about £400 billion in green infrastructure & renewable energy to deliver on its net zero emissions goal.

The report also predicts the world needs to lower carbon intensity 5 times quicker to hit the 1.5° Paris Agreement target.

A fast decarbonisation rate of 11.7% is needed each year, as reported by the analysis, which concludes that the present global rate achieved 2.4% for 2019.

Dr Celine Herweijer, Global Climate Change Leader, and Partner at PwC UK, stated: “Every year we underachieve on cutting carbon, the task gets tougher and the transition required is more radical.

“We now need decarbonisation and ultimately the transformation of companies, industries and geographies at an unprecedented scale and speed.”

Kiran Sura, Assistant Director in the Sustainability and Climate Change team at PwC UK, added: “Rapid reductions now consistent with 1.5°C emissions trajectory, would not only mitigate longer-term climate risk but could also deliver benefits before mid-century.

“The UK’s new 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution and enhanced nationally determined contribution to reduce emissions by 68% by 2030 against 1990 levels, are big steps forward in delivering the ambition required.”

UK has the highest decarbonisation rate in the world so far

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