UK confers on environmental harmful chemicals removal: A consultation concerning plans to monitor, cut & eliminate harmful chemicals from the environment has been initiated  by the government.

It has produced the most recent updates to its national plan for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), these are toxic chemical substances which are slow to degrade, may build up in human & animal tissue and are frequently found in long distances from their place of manufacture or origin of use.

POPs can be discovered in consumer & industrial products for instance electronics, textiles & furniture and additionally can leach onto land, into the water & the air.

The UK is obligated to develop a National Implementation Plan to summarise the steps it has set in place to fulfil its requirements as an endorser to the Stockholm Convention, which is  a global treaty signed by 184 parties to protect human health & the environment from harmful POPs.

A sum of 30 POPs, that fall into 3 wide categories, have recently been listed in the Convention: pesticides, industrial chemicals & unintentional by-products of combustion and to some extent industrial and non-industrial procedures.

Ideas are being requested from all stakeholders, as well as the chemicals industry, manufacturers of goods, importers, exporters, recyclers, users, waste industry, academics, environmental/health organisations & the public, through 14th May 2021.

UK confers on environmental harmful chemicals removal

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