To be 100% renewable the UK needs 49.5GW of flexibility: If the UK is to attain an entirely renewable future, technology group Wärtsilä has pointed out that they must install more flexible energy storage & gas technologies to achieve this.

It has stressed the need for 49.5GW of flexible assets if the UK’s energy systems are to be run by 100% renewable energy with the lowest cost. The capacity consists of 7.3GW of energy storage & over 42.2GW of flexible gas power.

Wärtsilä discovered the UK to hold the 13th greatest need for flexible resolutions in the G20.

It has said a huge amount of overcapacity is required because of the variability of wind & solar generation as well as a balance between renewable production and flexible gas and energy storage would be 38% cheaper than depending on energy storage by itself.

Pekka Tolonen, Energy Business Director at Wärtsilä, stated: “Last month’s UN climate report gives a clear message for the UK; to decarbonise at the lowest cost, high levels of renewable energy must be scaled up by 2030.

“What we have learned from modelling over 145 countries and regions in our Atlas of 100% Renewable Energy is that power systems with high levels of renewables need a significant amount of flexibility, through energy storage and gas balancing technology to achieve the transition to 100% renewable energy future.”

To be 100% renewable the UK needs 49.5GW of flexibility

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