The host city of COP26 to plant 18m trees: Glasgow, the city that will holding COP26 further on in this year, has vowed to plant 18 million trees throughout the next decade.

The figure converts to 10 trees for each man, woman & child residing in the Glasgow city region.

The plan hopes to expand the area that woodland takes up in the region from 17% to 20%.

It is calculated there are about 29,000 hectares of woodland in the area, however they are divided because of the construction of buildings & infrastructure.

The new planting plans to join these woodlands & help restore nature and expand biodiversity.

The local authority is appealing to groups & land managers to assist them in identifying areas to plant new trees or replace ones that have been missing in recent years.

Councillor Andrew Polson, Joint Leader of East Dunbartonshire Council & Chair of the Land Use and Sustainability Portfolio for Glasgow City Region, stated: “Trees are nature’s own green lungs, improving the air that we breathe and soaking up harmful carbon dioxide emissions from our environment.

“Expanding Glasgow City Region’s woodlands to create a new inter-connected forest will provide many lasting benefits.”

The host city of COP26 to plant 18m trees

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