Texans see increase in their energy bills after blackouts: Many households in Texas have seen a enormous increase in energy bills as thousands of people have suffered freezing cold without heat and electricity after power outages.

David storm.

“Switch immediately”

Customers have been urged by some energy suppliers to leave their service because of this huge increase of prices.

“My supplier (Griddy) was ‘kind enough’ to send us a warning email that they were expecting historically high prices and recommended we switch providers. I received this email from Griddy at 2:47pm on 13th February.” Mr Astrein stated.

“The email informed us we should switch providers as soon as possible, however, they also told us that other electric providers were only staffed until 3:00pm on the same day.”

“I did not see this email from Griddy until around 5:00pm or so. By the time electric providers opened on Monday morning, they were either not accepting new customers or were letting consumers change after a five-day wait period which would not have helped anyone during the trying week in Texas.”

“My usage for 1st February through today (Saturday 20th February) stands at 893kWh used, a rate of $3.07 (£2.19)/kWh and a total bill of $2,738.66 (£1,953.88).”

February last year the monthly bill was just $126.23 (£90.06) he said.

“We wanted to keep our five-month-old warm”

He explains during the last week they were without any running water from Tuesday through Friday afternoon however, they were fortunate enough to actually keep their power during most of the rolling blackouts.

“Even though water is restored, it’s not usable and we’re under boil water advisories for the next few days.”

“While we kept our electricity through most of the storm, we kept electronics off as much as possible, however, we did keep our heat running at 20ºC  to keep our five-month-old warm and to keep the pipes in our homes from freezing and bursting which would have led to other unforeseen expenses.”

He added a statement that Texas are not strangers to all sorts of natural disasters from hurricanes to flooding to wildfires and to the occasional freezing weather however, Texas was predicting this storm would hit more than 1-week ahead.

This is not quite 300 times higher than the normal wholesale price .

“The Public Utility Commission of Texas left the directive in place and continued to force prices to $9/kWh, approximately 300 times higher than the normal wholesale price. ” In a statement from Griddy.

“For a home that uses 2,000kWh per month, prices at $9(£6.4)/kWh work out to over $640 (£456) per day in energy charges. By comparison, that same household would typically pay $2 (£1.4) per day.”

In an effort to prevent consumers from price gouging during natural disasters, Texas has laws but it is not yet confirmed if these extend to utilities.

Texans see increase in their energy bills after blackouts

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