Spider web plastic comes on the market.

The rapid increase of plastic waste in past years has got the scientists’ spider-sense tingling.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have finished developments on a polymer film which has the ability to mimic spider silk properties and has the potential to replace all the single-use plastics in customer products.

Spiders are known to use their silk to create webs that work as sticky nets to capture other creatures – spider silk is also considered to be one of/ if not the strongest material in nature.

Scientists have been using plant proteins to manufacture this plastic-like new material. The production can be expected to meet the demand for more sustainable solutions within packaging, according to the team.

A University of Cambridge spin-out company aims to have the new product more accessible in the consumer market later this annum, introducing this range of single-use sachets and capsules, which will hopefully replace the plastic currently used in customer products such as dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent capsules.

Professor Tuomas Knowles in Cambridge’s Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry stated: “It was a surprise to find our research could also address a big problem in sustainability, that of plastic pollution.

“We found that one of the key features that gives spider silk its strength is the hydrogen bonds are arranged regularly in space and at a very high density.”

Spider web plastic comes on the market.

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